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Remote Temperature Monitoring

FACT Remote Temperature Monitoring will enable you to digitally record food temperatures, wirelessly monitor fridge and freezer temperatures and carry out your HACCP compliance checks on a tablet.



MONITOR – wireless, fully automated fridge and freezer temperature monitoring

CHECKS – all your HACCP compliance checks on a tablet

AUDIT – automated, cloud-based auditing

VISIBILITY - customisable dashboard displays live data from monitoring devices/sites

REPORT - powerful real-time reporting



Save time and money

FACT enables businesses to safely serve food of the highest standards. It is a fully automated paperless system that will save your business time and money.

Personalise to meet business needs

ts modular build means you are able to personalise and scale to fit your business needs however they may change.

Visibility over multiple locations

Works well in both single and multi-site organisations, providing complete visibility in real-time and meaning you can spot any issues early.​


Remote Temperature Monitoring Suite

Audits and Checklists

The FACT Audits and Checklists modules enable you to build your own processes digitally.

It is able to capture the steps taken as a part of any procedure, and create a simple to use checklist that employees can follow.

  • Customisable audit creation templates
  • Assign team member tasks based on prior performance
  • Digitise checklists, upload photos and documents to a single location
  • Real-time visibility on open and closed actions

probe and phone


Checks can be used to replace the Due Diligence Diaries used to manually record safety checks.

This module is an intuitive and customisable app compatible with both iOS and Android systems, that works seamlessly with the Bluetooth Probe for the digital data capture of all line checks.

  • Forms are quick and easy to use so food preparation is not interrupted
  • Instantly captures data directly from the Bluetooth Probe – eliminating manual entry
  • Notifies users to take action when items do not comply to policy


Automatically records and reports on the temperature of multiple fridge and freezer units via the FACT Remote Temperature Monitoring product suite - V-Hub, Mini Hub, Sentry and External Probe.

Save time and resources by eliminating the need to manually check fridges and freezers.

  • Data from assets is recorded and stored automatically
  • Notifications are sent when non-compliance events occur e.g. fridge failure
  • Enables predictive maintenance - reducing non-essential servicing costs



Dashboard displays the live data received from FACT Remote Temperature products, providing instant access to all your audits, checks, checklists and reports. Dashboard is customisable, its modular design allows you choose what information you see. It is also able to connect to other devices in your ecosystem, giving you a complete view of your food management system.

  • Works seamlessly with our temperature monitoring devices - probes, sensors and data hubs
  • Accessed via a web browser


Sentry is a wireless temperature sensor designed to accurately record and monitor fridge and freezer temperatures. Sentry is BioMaster protected, to prevent bacteria growth, providing extra safety protection. The sensor sends real-time alerts via SMS or email, to users when there is a change in temperature or fault in their systems.

FACT’s wireless temperature sensors work in conjunction with V-Hub or Mini Hub to store data automatically, negating the need for paper-based recording of temperature and critical control checks.

  • Compact and discreet measuring 85mm x 34mm, only weighing 88g
  • Wireless range of up to 300m for indoor environments and up to 600m outdoors environments
  • Measures temperatures between -40°C and +60°C
  • Able to communicate with LoRa and CCS modules, over a star network
  • Powered by Lithium AAA - lasting up to 12-months
  • Can be wall mounted using an adhesive bracket or magnetically fixed


External Probe

External Probe

External Probe works with the Sentry and V-Hub to collect and store data automatically. It provides accurate readings of temperatures, able to measure two separate parts of large fridges and freezers, up to 3m apart - meaning the product is scalable and not limited by location. It is also able to boost the range of temperatures being taken inside fridges and freezers due to its external fixing. 

  • Measures temperatures between -40°C and +125°C, with an accuracy between 0.5°C and 1°C
  • Measures 56mm x 27mm x 14mm, with up to 3m of cable length and weighs 38g


Probe is suitable for measuring temperatures, ranging from liquids to semi-solids such as fish or fruit and many other soft materials. Probe is specifically designed, using Bluetooth technology, to eliminate the need for cable connection, which often cause many traditional probes to break or fail.

With a response time of less than three seconds, Probe helps kitchens to promptly control food temperatures.

  • Wireless temperature probe, with a K type thermocouple sensor, that communicates using Bluetooth
  • Powered by AA NiMH Rechargeable battery, lasting between 10 and 36 hours (depending on use)
  • Manufactured in UK, made of ABS plastic, measures 40mm x 260mm and weighs 90 grams
  • Measures temperatures between -49.9°C to +249.9°C, with an accuracy between 0.4°C and 0.1°C


Visual Hub


V-Hub is an integrated data hub that stores and displays fridge and freezer temperature checks. Through its intuitive user-friendly design, powerful data dashboard display and continuous uninterrupted wireless transmission, V-Hub is able to keep your team informed with the most relevant data to their tasks.

  • Measures 281mm x 242mm x 21mm and weighs 524 grams
  • Full offline redundancy - able to receive and process data should your power or network fail. 3G failover is available if necessary
  • Wifi and LoRa compatible (868Mhz or 915 Mhz), with 8GB storage and 1GB memory
  • Powered via a micro USB with a battery backup of 8 hours
  • Operates on an Android 5.0 platform

Mini Hub

Mini Hub is an alternative to V-Hub, it is able to store and communicate fridge and freezer temperature checks but does not include a data dashboard display. It collects data from up to 20 connected sensors.

Mini Hub's compact design, means it can be easily fixed onto a wall or be left freestanding.

  • Supports up to 20 connected sensors, communicating via LoRa
  • Measures 107.38mm x 100.95mm x 29.75mm
  • Wireless range of up to 100m for indoor environments and up to 600m for outdoor environments
  • Powered by main power with a DC connector of 5.5mm x 2.1mm dimensions
Mini Hub

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