Despite its great prospects for growth, the hospitality sector still has one of the highest turnover rates of any industry. That not only costs the industry around £272m per year, but also has an impact on productivity and affects the morale of the staff members who are left to pick up the extra work.

As around 67% of employees are most likely to leave their jobs within the first year of employment, more than ever, employers should be working hard to really engage with current employees. Happy tuned-in staff often means retention rates.

But what exactly does staff engagement mean? And how to go about it? Staff that is being positively present during the performance of work by willingly contributing intellectual effort, experiencing positive emotions and meaningful connections to others is a staff that is more likely to stay in the job for longer. From the company’s perspective it’s about ensuring that you are creating an environment that works for them to work in and that’s right for them to progress in.

So, it’s clear that one way of going about it is providing training opportunities for the staff. By giving them the chance to have a better and broader understanding of their tasks, the importance of it and allowing them to progress and learn new things, your retention rates are bound to increase. More than just complying with then Law, training helps make staff happier and more in sync with the job at hand and company culture.

We at Food Alert know how important accessibility and flexibility of training staff is to companies. With that in mind, we are now offering the opportunity to choose the most convenient way for you to achieve the Level 3 certificate in Supervising Food Safety in Catering:

  • For those who prefer the classroom environment, face-to-face interaction and guidance from an expert trainer there is a three day course. That has the option of being facilitated at your premises as a group booking “in-house course”; or as attendance at an “open course” held in our CIEH Award-winning training centre, in Central London. Following completion of classes and a pass on the exam, learners receive a Level 3 Award certificate. Further information and upcoming dates of these courses can be found here
  • If time is limited you may want to consider the recently developed on-line version of the course, whereby the programme can be competed at times to suit (within the timescale allocated). The course is available online 24/7, can be completed from anywhere and there is additional reading material included. While the certificate is not an Award certificate, it is still fully certified by CIEH and recognized by enforcing authorities.

Further information on this online course can be found here

Whichever option suits your business better, Food Alert is always ready to work with you to find a solution that works for your business.

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