There has been increased media attention and enforcement activity recently regarding the under cooking of minced beef products, steak tartare, carpaccio and livers, particularly in the City of Westminster. The main risk from the beef products is E. coli and from the livers, Campylobacter.

The importance of the control of cross-contamination from E.coli is well documented and we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your practices and procedures comply with the E. Coli guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency.

In addition, we are noticing that failure by a business to be aware of the issues and the appropriate controls, even if the dishes are not on the menu, has resulted that in a significant drop in their Food Hygiene Rating.

Accordingly, if you are preparing any of the dishes mentioned above, please ensure that you document the controls you are using within your HACCP system.

In terms of liver, there is not a safe method for preparing undercooked liver therefore, the only way for the dish to be prepared safely and in line with EHO expectations is for the l
iver to be fully cooked.

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