The world of health and safety training is transforming as new technology is creating a kaleidoscope of opportunities to enhance the training experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are now being used to provide more realistic and practical scenarios to engage your audience and immerse them in real-life situations. Imagine the possibilities.

Existing training solutions may need to be refreshed – as there’s only so much individuals can learn from notes, diagrams and PowerPoint presentations. On the other hand, VR allows you to demonstrate real-life scenarios in a safe, virtual reality environment. Trainees can witness hazardous settings and risky situations during the training – but without being placed in danger.

VR based training programmes are now being used by professionals in a variety of industries. This advanced technology is shaping the future of health and safety training.

Employee motivation and individual engagement is being significantly boosted through virtual scenarios. Knowledge of health and safety procedures and hazardous situations is augmented, whilst technical issues can also be addressed.

VR training is an exciting new development and something which you should consider, therefore enhancing the training you provide to your employees. Both VR and AR training allow you to successfully blend education and training with practical skills development.

Here’s some interesting facts for you to take into consideration:

  • VR technology creates immersive experiences through digital simulation
  • Advanced software innovations allow users to experience real-life situations in a safe environment
  • VR and AR technology is revolutionising the way in which health and safety training is provided
  • Immersive technologies are playing a vital role in many industries and this technology is set to improve further
  • Practical training is significantly enhanced – but health and safety is not compromised – as training takes place in a safe environment
  • Augmented reality means that images are superimposed onto the user’s view of reality
  • Examples of the latest VR equipment include Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR

This exciting new technology is perfect for all your health and safety training requirements. Investment in VR and AR training will bring many benefits to you, your employees and your business. It will also drastically enrich the training you provide and ensure that your staff are well-prepared for a wide range of potentially hazardous scenarios.




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