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Foreign body contamination can result in a guest having a very unpleasant and in some cases, harmful dining experience. Examples of common contaminants include hair, insects, wood, glass, metal or stones.

If a guest complains about a foreign body in their meal, it is really important for you to see the offending object and retain it. If the guest will not provide you with the object, you need to explain that it will be almost impossible for you to conduct a full investigation and determine its source without it. If they want to take the object away with them, ask if you can take photographs of it and obtain its dimensions.

If you believe the contamination has occurred at one of your suppliers as opposed to in your kitchen, then contact the supplier with full details and ask them to investigate and respond to you in writing.

If you think the contamination could have occurred in your own kitchen, then you need to carry out your own internal investigation to try and determine what has gone wrong.

In any investigation of this nature, the main objective is to determine the root cause of the incident and prevent a future guest complaint…and potentially an injury.

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