Alleged food poisoning, allergic reaction or contamination complaints are an unwelcome part of any hospitality business owners’ world. While they do happen from time to time, reporting, investigating and putting them right doesn’t have to send your day completely off track.

Our Food Complaints Management module allows you to log the details of a case, record actions you and your team take to investigate and upload any documents to support your case.

  • All the most important information stored digitally, in one central location
  • Unlimited upload of documents and evidence against separate allegations
  • Build customised reports for your own management reporting and for any investigations

Desktop & App Solution

Our solutions are suitable for all hospitality business types, sizes and budgets.

Record and track food related complaints including allergic reactions. Identify trends across your business.

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How can Digital Food Complaints Management help your business?

Say goodbye to unwieldy paper trails, complaint files and days spent collecting evidence. Our Food Complaints Management module allows you to collect everything in one place so your investigations can run as smoothly as possible and you’ve got every bit of evidence to hand, whenever you need it.

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