We understand that you’re probably facing more challenges now than ever before with changing legislation, rising costs and scarce resources.  

The team at Food Alert are on hand to help maximise every aspect of your business, giving you our years of food industry expertise and providing you with the right technology. Our software and service-first approach were designed for businesses just like yours by our team of experienced food compliance specialists and software engineers.

This winning combination will allow you to:

  • Reduce time, risk, and errors in your kitchens
  • Manage accurate, real-time product information
  • Validate your supply chain assurances
  • Maintain compliant, cost-effective recipe and menu management
  • Offer takeaway food with our PPDS food labelling solutions
  • Create bespoke management solutions if your businesses needs them

We have in-depth knowledge of the legislation that relates to your business in areas such as:

  • Food Hygiene
  • ‘Natasha’s Law’
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Environmental

We’re here to take away the complexity and headache of making sure all your sites are fully compliant, leaving you to focus on what you love – running your business.

Our People 

Depending on where you’d like to start, we can support your business with any of the following:

Our Software

Our cloud-based, safety compliance software, Alert65 allows you to manage your safety procedures and reduce your exposure to risk.  Store all your compliance information and policy documentation centrally and access it from multiple locations.

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Have visibility of compliance across all your sites
  • Get instant access to your key compliance documents
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customise reports to your needs

Our Assure65 software provides real-time food information from assurance data and raw material specifications to finished product information for thousands of recipes, ingredients, and menus ensuring that all items are accurate and validated.

This rich data source, compiled by your suppliers, allows your chefs to swap ingredients, respond to allergens and recalls and will even allow your customers to self-select their menu options to their own dietary requirements – ensuring a safe, reliable environment that will keep customers loyal to your brand.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, intuitive platform design
  • Access the right data at the right time
  • Efficient capture and control of product attributes
  • Automation of workflow
  • Effective stakeholder collaboration
  • Clear ownership of data and process

Discover just how our services can help your business

Do you want to find out what we have to offer and how our services can help transform your business? Just click the button to contact us and our team will guide you through exactly what we can offer.

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