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Brands we protect

We work in partnership with clients - our experts become an extended member of their team, always available to offer the necessary support. 

There’s nothing more convincing than a personal recommendation. Read what our clients have to say about working with Food Alert.

PizzaExpress banner

PizzaExpress client image

“After reviewing a number of different software providers we decided that ALERT65 and Auditus would work best for PizzaExpress. Both systems are intuitive, easy to use and have the capability to enable us to effectively manage compliance across multiple sites. We were particularly impressed with the bespoke work Food Alert put into their systems to make sure they met our needs.”

Rupi Zani, Quality and Safety Director, PizzaExpress


Fullers brewery image

“The professional and thorough approach Food Alert showed whilst performing audits and their impressive compliance software, FACT and Auditus - which will enable us to effectively manage compliance across multiple sites – resulted in Food Alert being the top choice for Fuller’s.”

​Paul Dickinson, Director of Food​, Fuller's


Elior client image

Elior client image

We provide Elior with a comprehensive auditing programme to ensure that they remain fully compliant in all areas of food safety and health & safety. Covering approximately 1,700 sites across the UK, our dedicated team help to ensure Elior’s brand is protected and their business remains legally compliant. We work closely with Elior’s employees to provide ongoing support and professional food safety and health & safety advice. 

Elior use our safety compliance software, ALERT65 and Auditus, to monitor compliance across all their sites. The software which gives them real-time visibility of the auditing process, enabling them to manage their audit action plan, scoring and reporting online.

Azzurri image

“We chose to partner with Food Alert as they are able to support our business at all levels. They have the right experience and knowledge to guide us on operational risk and compliance from a strategic perspective along with the capability to deliver regular auditing across our national portfolio of sites. Their Auditus software is a powerful tool, which enables senior management to have complete visibility on action close outs and audit results. They understand the value of true partnership and The Azzurri Group look forward to working closely with Food Alert in the future.”

Lucy La Rana, Head of Quality and Safety, The Azzurri Group


Burger King Partnership

The company was founded in 1954 as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain.  It has grown to become one of the largest burger chains in the world, serving over 11 million diners daily.  Burger King is committed to providing premium ingredients, signature recipes and family-friendly dining experiences.

Burger King uses FACT safety compliance software to get visibility of the Food Hygiene Ratings for each of their sites. It helps them to identify non-performing restaurants and enabling them to take action to help protect their brand.


"Côte Restaurants consider Food Alert an invaluable partner. Our tailored 360 package gives us a service that covers all our needs, from training, to AFPs, to providing support in developing a Primary Authority partnership with our Local Authority. Our Account Manager has been on hand to oversee the integration of our systems with ALERT65 (online compliance management system). This has been a seamless process of automation with the training management and risk assessment tools and we’re now enjoying the efficiencies it allows.”

Mathieu Stein, Risk Manager, Côte Restaurants​


Dukes image

"Food Alert have been the provider of our safety management services for a number of years. We value their practical advice and hands on assistance in managing safety effectively within our hotel. We recommend their services to any hotel which values the integrity and quality of its operation."

Samantha Rieu Hotel Manager, Dukes Hotel


Ivy Bar

"Food Alert created our site specific Food Safety and Health & Safety manuals. These manuals are laid out in a clear, concise manner that enables us to train our staff effectively and thereby ensure that the correct procedures are followed at all times."



"Food Alert’s 24/7 helpline is an invaluable business tool for The Wolseley. As a prestigious and well respected restaurant with an outstanding reputation, the Peace of Mind offered by Food Alert and the manner in which their service is delivered mirrors our own commitment to excellence."


The Wolseley

Comptoir Libanais

“Food Alert’s personalised Due Diligence Diaries make it easy to keep our hygiene and safety records all in one convenient and secure location across all of our sites. The clear instructions and simple format help make Due Diligence easy!”



Planet Organic

"The constant up-to-date knowledge of compliance that Food Alert provides, as well as ensuring that processes and procedures are in place, has been beneficial to Planet Organic. This has resulted in significant improvements in terms of our staff engagement and knowledge within our company. Our dedicated account manager and auditor really understands the needs of our business. I would definitely recommend Food Alert."


Groucho Club Image

“Food Alert’s Monthly Due Diligence Diary changed the way we work in terms of Food Hygiene and Health & Safety at the club. The Monthly Due Diligence diary has become the backbone of our systems here at the club. It is a ‘one-stop’ shop for Daily record keeping, simplifying and organising all of our H&S and Food Hygiene processes.”

Jeff Connon, General Manager, The Groucho Club


All Star

"We value the fact that Food Alert’s consultants are able to advise our business both in terms of the hygiene standards and legislation of our food & beverage operations, but also the health & safety aspects of running our entertainment venues." 

Graham Cook, Director of Guest Proposition, All Star Lanes


St Ermins

“As a prestigious London hotel, St Ermin’s rely on the ‘Food Alert 360’ package to support its reputation, maintaining safety standards at all times to guarantee our peace of mind.” 


Royal Crescent

“We use Food Alert to provide health & safety advice and assistance at our hotel. They have proved to be professional in their chosen field and have given us helpful advice on several aspects of our operation.” 

Julian Marchand, Front of House Manager, Royal Crescent Hotel


“Our tailored Food Alert 360 service enables us to deal with all food safety issues effectively. With their combination of quality, expert advice and personal attentiveness to our restaurant’s needs, Food Alerts’ services have been a welcoming component to our success as a business.”


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