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ALERT65 - Safety Compliance Software

ALERT65 cloud-based safety compliance software can help your business to effectively and efficiently manage its safety procedures and reduce risk exposure.

ALERT65 will give your business the power to easily tackle complex compliance issues, whilst saving time and money via the automation of manual tasks. The system allows you to centrally store all your compliance information and policy documentation from across multiple locations.

FACT Laptop
  • Automates manual tasks
  • Visibility of compliance across multiple sites
  • Instant access to compliance documents
  • Ideal for single site and multi-site organisations
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customisable reporting



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“After reviewing a number of different software providers we decided that ALERT65 and Auditus would work best for PizzaExpress. Both systems are intuitive, easy to use and have the capability to enable us to effectively manage compliance across multiple sites. We were particularly impressed with the bespoke work Food Alert put into their systems to make sure they met our needs.”

Rupi Zani, Quality and Safety Director, PizzaExpress

Built to match business demands

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User-​friendly navigation

Designed to deliver compliance with ease and minimum clicks. With a simple modular structure makes it easy to navigate.

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Built on robust yet flexible architecture. ALERT65 can be customised to match your exact requirements, meaning your workflows do not need to change to suit the software. 

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Enhanced reporting

The enhanced reporting features include a report scheduler and a customisable reporting dashboard. You can use it to generate your own custom reports.


FACT Food Safety Modules

 Save time and money

Automate your business processes and centrally manage policies, documentation, team tasks and training. 

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Capture your processes and procedures digitally. Create simple to use checklists that employees can easily follow. Generate real-time reports.

Document centre icon

Document Centre

Manage your safety documentation from a central point. Ensure your employees are using the latest information when needed.

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Manage all your policy documentation online. Gives easy access to your policies from where ever you are. 


Task Tracker

Task Tracker

Makes sure nothing gets missed by assigning and managing tasks by site. Track task completion and run reports on progress.

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Training Management

Manage the training requirements of your team from one single location. Book courses, both classroom and eLearning, and track employee progress. Schedule training reminders.



Food Safety Modules

Comprehensive food safety management made easy

Manage all your food safety requirements in one place including allergen management, food complaints, supplier management, cleaning schedules and HACCPs.

Allergen icon

Allergens Management

Manage your allergens information online - add dish ingredients, build menus and flag allergens where present.

EHO icon

Enforcement Visits

Get full visibility of your sites 'live' Food Hygiene Ratings using a Food Standards Agency feed. Manage your follow up actions and upload inspection reports.

Accidents management icon

Food Complaints

Handle food complaint cases online including Alleged Food Poisoning, allergen incidents and contaminations. Manage case progress, upload supporting pictures and documents.



Use existing templates or customise your own HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) online documentation, flow charts and checklists.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Gives you quick and easy access and management of approved supplier database, supplier certifications and expiry alerts.

Supply Chain Complaint icon

Supply Chain Complaints

Manage supply chain complaints in one place - capturing detail and dialogue with suppliers.




FACT Accidents Incidents

Control the risks within your workplace

From the management of accidents and incident cases to the production and management of a range of risk assessments. ALERT65 has it covered.

Accident and incidents icon

Accident and Incident Management

Record, investigate, monitor and report on accidents or incidents that happen within your workplace.

Contractor Management Icon

Contractor Management

Manage contractor information including certifcations. Schedule email recertificaion reminders and run status reports.

Risk Assessment icon

Risk Assessments

Produce and manage site specific online task risk assessments, manual handling risk assessments and COSHH risk assessments. Schedule reviews and retain copies for evidence purposes.



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