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Safety Compliance Software

FACT is a cloud-based safety compliance system that can help your business to efficiently and effectively manage its safety procedures and reduce risk exposure. FACT gives complete visibility across multiple sites, enabling your business to easily identify and resolve areas of non-compliance. 

This comprehensive software suite will give your business the power to easily tackle complex compliance issues, whilst saving time and money via the automation of manual tasks. The system allows you to centrally store all your compliance information and policy documentation from across multiple locations.

FACT modules include ​ChecklistsAuditsTrainingLearning Management SystemRemote Temperature MonitoringAccident ManagementAlleged Food Poisonings & Allergens Management​, Supplier Management and HACCP​.

Why choose FACT:

  • Full visibility of compliance across multiple sites - reducing risk exposure
  • Instant access to compliance documents – anytime and anywhere
  • Automates manual tasks – reducing time and saving money
  • Ideal for single site and multi-site organisations
  • Scales with business growth
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customisable reporting

User-​friendly navigation

Designed to deliver compliance with ease and minimum clicks. With a simple modular structure it is easy to explore and find what you are looking for quickly.


Built on robust yet flexible architecture. FACT can be customised to match your exact requirements, meaning your workflows do not need to change to suit the software. 

Enhanced reporting

The enhanced reporting features include a report scheduler and a customisable reporting dashboard. You can use it to generate your own custom reports.


FACT Modules


Gives you the ability to capture your processes and procedures digitally. It creates a simple to use checklist that employees can easily follow.

Create daily task lists to guide your teams step-by-step, covering everything from opening checks and safety compliance to cashing up.

  • Easily create and schedule repeat checklists
  • Digitise paper processes
  • Log audits and incidents
  • Generate real-time reports
  • Perform checks off-line and on-line
Audit devices


Enables you to convert your paper forms into digital audits, capture information quickly and use your mobile device to upload photos, annotate and attach into inspection reports.

Get complete visibility in real-time on inspection frequency and performance. Use the flexible and powerful reporting functionality to create personalised reports and quickly identify areas for improvement.

  • Faster audits
  • Automated reports and notifications
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Quickly identify performance issues
  • View outstanding actions
  • Download your content in multiple format
  • Visualise data on maps

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Manage the training requirements of your team from one single location. Easily access individual training records and certifications for multiple locations and staff, booked courses - both classroom and eLearning and schedule alerts for when training is due.

  • Book courses - classroom & eLearning
  • Manage bookings
  • Schedule training reminder notifications
  • Manage and track employee records
  • Access certifications from multiple sites

Learning Management System

Enables you to issue training, monitor progress and view results - keeping you fully up-to-date with all the learning activities in your business.

Record and monitor all learning activities such as workshops, on-the-job coaching and competences.

All your businesses learning requirements in one place:

  • Issue training
  • Monitor progess
  • View training/exam results
  • Manage learning activities
  • Manage talent
  • Create management reports

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Remote Temperature Monitoring

Helps you to serve food safely and at the highest quality - from delivery to plate. This solution includes temperature recording devices, wireless fridge and freezer monitoring, and paperless HACCP solutions.  Fully automate your processess, say goodbye to paper and save time and money.

This powerful solution is fully integrated into FACT, enabling users to get full visibility of their data across multiple devices and sites, run reports and receive notifications. 

  • Monitor fridge temperatures
  • Check food temperatures
  • Real-time visibility over multiple locations
  • Automate processes
  • Create audits and checklists
  • Allocate tasks
  • Customise to meet business requirements
  • Scale to fit business needs

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Accident and Incident Management

FACT Accident and Incident Management module enables you to record, investigate, monitor and report on any accidents or incidents that happen within your workplace.  

  • Record cases
  • Investigate and monitor cases
  • Manage actions
  • Accident forms
  • Reports and history

Food Complaints & Allergens Management

Helps you to manage your food poisoning and allergen cases. Giving you access to AFP procedure guides and allowing you to manage and monitor case progress. 

  • Report cases
  • AFP procedure guide
  • Track and monitor cases
  • Case history
  • Allergy information
  • Managed menu items
  • Generate summary and reports

Supplier Management

Gives you quick and easy access and management of approved supplier database, supplier certifications and expiry alerts. 

  • Approved suppliers database
  • Supplier certification status
  • Log and history of cases
  • Reports
  • Log of certificate for inspections and services
  • Track alerts for expiry

Food Hygiene Ratings

Gives you a direct feed of Food Hygiene Rating data, from the Food Standards Agency (FSA), enabling you to get visibility of each of your sites Food Hygiene Ratings.

  • Live Food Hygiene Ratings - direct feed from FSA
  • View your recent scores
  • Log history of EHO visits
  • Quickly spot poor performing sites
  • Access audit action points
  • View laboratory results


Use existing templates or customise your own HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) online documentation, flow charts and checklists. 
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Use prebuilt HACCP templates or create your own
  • Customisable HACCP flow charts
  • Quickly record any standards that require monitoring

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