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Learning Management System

Our versatile Learning Management System enables you to issue training, monitor progress and view results - keeping you fully up-to-date with all the learning activities in your business.

It gives you the apability to record and monitor all learning activities such as workshops, on-the-job coaching and competences.


All your businesses learning requirements in one place:

  • Issue training
  • Monitor progess
  • View training/exam results
  • Manage learning activities
  • Manage talent
  • Create management reports


Learning Management System Modules

Training Manager

Training Manager ables you to issue all types of training, monitor progress and track results. 

Our training team will help you to setup your training structures to ensure your staff can be allocated the right online training, classroom based courses and on the job competencies. 

All training can be automatically issued to new recruits or recent promotees with associated due dates if needed. Managers can track the progress of their staff which ensures that the right people get to see the right data at the right time. 

Talent Manager

Talent Manager is designed to help your rising stars achieve the recognition and opportunities they deserve. It inspires career development by bringing visibility to all learning activity, career progression and performance management.

Talent Manager allows you to configure career paths for your staff providing them with clear visibility of how their career can progress within your business. Your staff can easily see what online modules, classroom based training and competencies are required for them to progress to the next level. 

The module also includes an intuitive appraisals system that help managers to ensure that the right conversations and feedback are provided when needed.

Newsreel and Noticeboard

Newsreel and Noticeboard tools allow you to send a variety of instant alerts across your organisation.

Staff updates, useful video links, details of upcoming events, company vacancies, new menu launches, staff handbooks and company policies are just some examples of the type of alerts that you can share with your staff. The alerts are trackable too so you can see what is being read, by who and when.

Reporting Suite

Ensuring staff compliance and tracking training completion rates across the business is more and more important these days. Reporting Suite can provide high level overviews of all training across your business. It also allows you to drill down and review performance at individual locations or for specific trainees. 

All our reports are delivered in real-time so you have the most up-to-date information available to you. Reports can be exported to Excel allowing you to save important information to analyse at a later date.

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